Virtual Ribbon Cutting & Tour

Thank you to York County Economic Alliance and everyone who tuned in to the Virtual Ribbon Cutting and Tour at our NEW facility.

For those of you who weren’t able to make it (or want to watch again), check out the video linked above!

A Special Thank You!

We are so grateful to our donors, room sponsors, volunteers and friends for your support through the years and for the extra help to make this move possible.

Main Contributors

J. William Warehime Foundation

Kinsley Family Foundation

Powder Mill Foundation

W. Dale Brougher Foundation


Neighborhood Assistance Program

• Jack Giambalvo Family Dealership

• M&T Bank


• York Traditions Bank


Architectural Design & Construction

Lisa Clemens, Murphy & Dittenhafer Architects

Pete Collelo, Murphy & Dittenhafer Architects

Frank Dittenhafer, Murphy & Dittenhafer Architects

Kinsley Properties

Megan Racine, Murphy & Dittenhafer Architects


Office Equipment

Kathy Brickner, Harrisburg Area Community College

• Tom Frye, Harrisburg Area Community College

• Mike Mitrick, OSS

• John Polli, 3501 Concord Road Associates

• Bob Williams, RW Maintenance


IT Support

• Marcus Richardson, Merge Technologies

• Dustin Heagy

• Ash Ingole

• Andrew Riggs



• Gregg Doutrich, Lefever Electric, Inc.


Moving Supplies

• Chrissy Gingerich, Delta Packaging Inc.

• Sam Willman, Delta Packaging Inc.

Room Sponsors

• Arthur J and Lee R Glatfelter Foundation

• Susan Baer & Bruce Thornburg

• Dennis & Jane


• Marilee & Michael Ball

• The Breighner Family

• GSS Information Services

• Richelle & Jason Hamberger

• Stephen Harrison

• The Hunt Family

• Betsy Keefer

• Dr. Robert Lease

• Stacey Macneal

• Lori Mitrick

• Alice Muldrow & Family

• The Myers Family

• PeoplesBank

• Donna & Bob Pullo

• Alice Renard

• Kathleen Rounds

• Vicki Rutter

• Henry Wardrop

James & Patricia Wisotzkey


In honor of

• Diane F. Graham


In Memory of

• Elizabeth C. Baer

• Dr. Ernst A. Harrison

• Lynn Kilker


Real Estate

• Dave Bode, Rock Real Estate



• Chuck Silverman, Graham Capital


Odd Jobs

• Matt Hartman

• Randy Kissinger

85 thoughts on “Virtual Ribbon Cutting & Tour

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