YCLC Committees

Without the dedication and assistance of volunteers and committee members, YCLC would not be able to help York County residents improve their literacy skills. Each committee works diligently to guide YCLC and our programs into the future.  If you have skills, experience or education in any of these areas, we welcome your assistance.


Committee seeks to find affiliations that advance the mission of YCLC. “Affiliation” is when we are involved with another organization and it is mutually beneficial, and both parties retain their identity. (in hiatus)
Committee Chair: Juanita Baxter

Review and revise the BAB fundraising program. Reports to Fund Development (meets monthly for 10 months)
Committee Chair: John Lewis

To provide input from local community leaders (business, education, volunteers) to ensure that YCLC is instructing our adult learners in the skills and language they need to participate productively in the home, workplace and community. (meets quarterly)
Committee Chair: Lisa Kane

EXECUTIVE (officers only)
For Board Executives and Executive Director only – committee to address areas of concern not addressed by another committee and to review agency progress. (meets as needed)
Committee Chair: Steve Harrison (President)

Has responsibility for financial record keeping, budget and grant oversight, asset management and long term financial planning. Evaluates and approves small capital expenditures. Oversees audit process and approves audit draft. (meets monthly)
Committee Chair: Edouardo Thibault (Treasurer)
Co Chair: Steve Harrison (Vice President)

Helps to develop solicitations, expand the donor base, and direct/coordinate all non-event fundraising efforts including the annual End of Year and Literacy Empowerment Campaigns, endowment building, & related fundraising needs. Identify target audience, appropriate information, production, distribution for a general YCLC brochure and poster. Has responsibility for recruitment, public relations, and awareness events. (meets monthly)
Committee Chair: Alice Muldrow

Assumes primary responsibility for matters pertaining to YCLC Board of Director’s strategic planning, structure, governance documents and evaluation in accordance with bylaws, established policies and practices concerning the Board of Directors and agency direction. Oversees Annual Meeting and Board development and education. (meets quarterly)
Committee Chair: Joe Hackett

Assume the primary responsibility for matters pertaining to YCLC Board of Directors recruitment of members, nominations, orientation & training in accordance with by-laws. (meets every other month, five Xs per year)
Committee Chair: Dottie Rohrbaugh

Oversees Personnel matters. (meets as needed)
Committee Chair: Luther Sowers
Co Chair: Terry Barna


Email Rita Hewitt to learn how you can join YCLC’s mission by being part of a Committee!