YCLC Committees

Without the dedication and assistance of volunteers and committee members, YCLC would not be able to help York County residents improve their literacy skills. Each committee works diligently to guide YCLC and our programs into the future.  If you have skills, experience or education in any of these areas, we welcome your assistance.


New Advocacy & Awareness  (meeting time TBD)
Develop and implement  a formal advocacy and awareness initiative

  • Equip volunteers and staff to act as  community ambassadors for YCLC and deliver presentations to key community groups
  • Develop and implement a strategic awareness campaign that leverages all relevant mediums of communication.
  • Create an advocacy initiative focused on educating legislators and community leaders about the importance of literacy in economic development
    Committee Chair: Deb Gogniat
    Staff Support: Bobbi Anne DeLeo

Board Governance & Development (meets every other month on 2nd Thursday at 7:30 AM Jan, Mar, May, July, Sept.) 

Assumes primary responsibility for matters pertaining to YCLC Board of Directors

  • Identifies and nominates board and committee member candidates; recommends appointments
  • Oversees Board Member Orientation including training and mentorship for new Board members
  • Oversees development and ongoing education of Board Members
  • Annually nominates slate of new members and slate officers, and conduct exit interviews
  • Assesses board effectiveness
  • Annually evaluates established policies and practices concerning the BOD
  • Biennial reviews of Bylaws
  • Oversees strategic plan and strategic planning process

Committee Chair Steve Harrison   Vice Chair Alice Muldrow
Staff Support: Bobbi Anne DeLeo


BUCK A BOOK (meets as announced)
Review and revise the BAB fundraising program.

  • Seeks sponsors for BAB
  • Reports to Fund Development
    Committee Chair: Ryan Myers
    Staff Support: Rita Hewitt

Educational Advisory (this committee currently not meeting)

  • To provide input from local community leaders (business, education, volunteers) to ensure that YCLC is instructing our adult learners in the skills and language they need to participate productively in the home, workplace and community

Committee Chair: TBD
Staff Support: Kim Swindle

EXECUTIVE (officers only)
Shall  have, and may exercise, the powers of the Board in the interim between Board meetings, see bylaws for restrictions and requirements.  For Officers, appointed representative member at large and ED only

Committee Chair:  (Sara Hunt (President)
Vice Chair: Alice Muldrow (Vice President)
Staff Support: Bobbi Anne DeLeo

Finance (meets monthly on the 3rd Tuesday @ 8:30 AM except August)

  • Has responsibility for financial record keeping, budget and grant oversight, asset management and long term financial planning
  • Evaluates and approves small capital expenditures
  • Oversees audit process and approves audit draft

Committee Chair:  (Vicki Rutter (Treasurer)
Vice Chair: Martin Fedorko
Staff Support: Bobbi Anne DeLeo

Fund Development (meets monthly 2nd Thurs at 11:30 AM-12:30 PM)

  •  Has responsibility for recruitment, public relations, and   awareness for events
  •  Develop solicitations
  •  Expand the donor base
  •  Directs/coordinates all non-event fundraising efforts including the annual End of Year and Literacy Empowerment Campaigns, endowment building, & related fundraising needs
  •  Identify target audience, appropriate information, production, distribution for a general YCLC brochure and poster

Committee Chair: Angela Mandes
Co/Vice Chair: Alice Muldrow
Staff support: Joe Alfano

Marketing & Branding (currently meets on a varying schedule)

  • Increase brand awareness; create an imaging campaign that helps the community understand what YCLC does and the value our services provide to our students, donors and potential donors and the York Community
  •  Identify target audience, appropriate information, production, distribution for a general YCLC brochure and poster

Chair: Robin A. Kohler
Staff Support: Bobbi Anne DeLeo


PERSONNEL (meets as needed)
Oversees Personnel matters.
Committee Chair: Terry Barna
Staff Support: Bobbi Anne DeLeo

Technology  (meets as needed)

  • The York County Literacy Council has a profuse need in the area of technology, from equipment to training, in order to continue to provide high-quality services for our students.  There is a need to analyze the current system and determine what technology improvements and acquisitions are essential to improve the delivery of services, fundraising, outreach, and communication of outcomes.

Committee Chair: Ash Ingole
Staff Support: Bobbi Anne DeLeo


Current Ad-Hoc Task Force
New Succession Planning from the 2020-2025 Strategic Plan, Strategic Imperative #2: Recruit and Retain the Best and the Brightest Goal #6 Develop a Succession Plan for Key Staff and Volunteer Positions: #15-18.

  • Develop and implement a succession Plan for the Executive Director
  • Develop and implement succession plans for key personnel
  • Assess the current level of engagement of the Board of Directors, identify and establish measurements of successful engagement, and implement strategies to improve the baseline measure
  • Continue to recruit volunteers to the Board and Committes who align with the mission of YCLC and possess the skills needed to implement the strategic plan

Chair: Sara Hunt
Vice Chair:
Staff Support:



Email Rita Hewitt to learn how you can join YCLC’s mission by being part of a Committee!