Student Receives Free Welding Lesson

It was a pathway of giving that led Mike, a student at York County Literacy Council, to a free welding lesson on November 16 at EarlBeck Gases & Technologies, Aberdeen Road in York.

Mr. Travis Gentzler, President of Weldon Solutions, attended an October 24 Manufacturers’ Association tour event at Association member EarlBeck Gases & Technologies, and his company was awarded a free welding lesson, donated by Earlbeck as part of the event. Weldon Solutions is a York County manufacturer of CNC grinding machines and industrial robotic automation systems.

In the “Pay It Forward” mindset of Mr. Gentzler, that same evening he donated the lesson to York County Literacy Council (YCLC) ─ where adult students in York County receive free educational classes and tutoring to achieve skills that will help them gain or improve their employment opportunities.

Mike is presently enrolled in the High School Equivalency (former GED) class at YCLC, and his dream is to eventually learn welding and then phlebotomy as a back-up career.

Attending the welding class at Earlbeck was a major motivation for Mike. He is committed to his studies, and then to learn the intricate skills needed to be a highly proficient welder. Welding is a dream for Mike ─ and both Earlbeck Gases & Technologies and Weldon Solutions teamed together to provide the opportunity for Mike to experience his dream first-hand, on the way to making that dream a reality.

“As a manufacturing employer at Weldon Solutions, and also serving as president of the board of The Manufacturers’ Association, I believe that making this donation helps to open yet another pathway for a local student, while at the same time highlighting the need for training in today’s manufacturing careers,” noted Gentzler.

YCLC thanks The Manufacturer’s Association, Earlbeck Gases & Technologies, and Weldon Solutions for their thoughtfulness and generosity on working together to deliver this training to this deserving student. Their good works have left a real impact on Mike and his dream of pursuing a well-paying career, while providing him with the much-needed inspiration for his career pathway.

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