Next Step

The Next Step Program encourages and assists students in taking the “next step” on their career pathways. As YCLC Adult Reading students and English as a Second Language students are reaching their educational goals, the Next Step Coordinator provides individual assistance and referral services related to higher educational goals, employment opportunities and workplace trainings. Next Step also offers services to our former students and the YCLC Alumni Group.



The Process

Next Step Program services are available to current and former YCLC students. The program is offered to former students who have “graduated” from YCLC, current students who are leaving the program and ready for the “next step”, as well as current students who have made acknowledgeable progress. ESL students must be intermediate or advanced level. Students may be referred to the Next Step Program through their class, tutor or coordinator, career pathways; or they may call and make an appointment.


The Program Offers…

  • Individual assistance for developing a career pathway
  • Referrals and information for employment, continuing education, vocational education, high school diploma.
  • Networking with participating businesses for employment
  • Job Readiness Training including soft skills such as: interviewing, work ethics and résumés
  • Motivational and informative career talks with community leaders
  • Financial Aid Resource Information

The Blatner Scholarship

A $500 scholarship is awarded to a current YCLC student each year in the spring and fall. The Blatner Scholarship will be used to help fund tuition and other costs (books and school supplies) for continued education of an YCLC student. In order to be considered for the scholarship, students must follow scholarship requirements. The winner will be selected by the Scholarship Committee.

Lily receives the Blatner
Scholarship 2020

For additional information, call 717-845-8719 or email next.step@yorkliteracy.



After struggling and dropping out of school, Chris became involved with drugs, alcohol, bad relationships and breaking the law.  After the death of his grandfather and more struggles, he became the main caregiver of his son and decided to get back on track. At YCLC, Chris worked with a number of instructors, tutors and mentors and finally earned his High School Equivalency in February of 2021.  Again, working with his YCLC mentor he was able to get the job he wanted and continues to work on improving his career by attending a course on electrical engineering at HACC.