Family Literacy

Family Literacy

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Reading With Your Children Workshops engage families in literacy-related activities. The workshops create positive family interactions to facilitate a child’s reading experience in which they can engage with their caregivers in a variety of meaningful, yet simple, experiences centered around books. The program encourages families to create happy reading experiences for their children and a solid foundation for learning. Workshops are focused around texts and literacy activities for an audience of children age five and under.  Parents are taught “how to” make reading a fun routine in their homes by using simple materials and engaging texts.  


The Process

YCLC students are notified of upcoming workshops and are encouraged to register for the training. Families with young children are invited to attend. The goals of the workshops are to educate families on the benefits of reading aloud to their children and to promote enthusiasm about reading.


  • Pete’s a Pizza & Curious George and the Pizza
  • Mouse Paint & Press Here
  • Pete the Cat? We’re Going on a Bear Hunt?


The Program Offers…

At the heart of each Reading With Your Children Workshop is a book. Presenters have chosen engaging, high-interest texts that provide many opportunities for interactive experiences beyond their pages. Along with each book, families are given a variety of activities to complete together, allowing for extension of concepts and themes. Each kit covers multiple learning modalities to reach all readers in a variety of ways. Materials supplied are affordable and purposefully simple to inspire families to find ways to make learning through books a part of their daily experiences.Kits are designed in an exciting and creative package to encourage them to be given as gifts. It encourages a lifelong love of reading by making books and learning more accessible.  Through the use of simple materials and engaging texts, families can find ways to make reading a fun routine in their homes.

Benefits and themes of Family Story Kits may include:

  • Nutrition
  • Early Literacy Skills
  • Play
  • Arts & Music
  • Math

Families will learn…

  • Benefits of reading aloud with children.
  • Tips for creating an engaging read aloud.
  • Ideas and activities for an interactive family reading experience.


For additional information, call 717-845-8719 or email Rita Hewitt.