English as a Second Language

The English as a Second Language (ESL) Program serves increasingly diverse members of the York and Hanover community, with approximately 60 countries represented The program offers classroom instruction in York with beginner to advanced levels. Additionally, one-to-one tutoring is available. The focus of the ESL program is to improve basic conversation skills and speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills. Students must register for all classes.  Citizenship classes are available, in our York office, for our ESL students. YCLC’s ESL Program is a rapidly growing area of interest in the York County Community. It focuses on instruction for adult students in basic conversational English. ESL is open to all York County adult residents who would like to learn or improve their literacy skills.

The Process

A potential student must first fill out a Student Intake Form and second ESL Goal Sheet.


York County Literacy Council Student Intake Form,

Additional Intake Forms: 

Haitian Creole Intake Form   

  Spanish Intake Form


 ESL Goal Sheet   

New students are then invited to attend an orientation and take an initial test to determine placement in the program. Students are placed in a class or with a tutor when there is an opening in a class or a tutor is available. There is no time limit for a student to participate however students must be engaged in their work, come to classes and/or tutoring on time and work within the rules of YCLC.


  • Improve English language skills such as reading, writing and comprehension
  • Being referred to our Adult Reading Program for GED/HISET classes
  • Enter post-secondary education or professional training programs
  • Obtain employment or prepare for job advancement
  • Prepare for the written driver’s license exam or understand printed forms
  • Develop basic computer skills
  • Improve reading or math skills
  • Read to their children and help them with their schoolwork


The Program Offers…

Students may request a trained tutor for one-to-one tutoring. A student may be place in a small group tutoring session.

Classroom instruction is offered on six levels: Pre-Lit, Beginner, Low Intermediate, Intermediate, Advanced, Post Advanced.   Classes are held both daytime and evening. Students must register for classes.

YCLC’S Digital Learning Center offers educational software and online educational programs which allow our students to enhance the classroom and tutoring sessions. The Digital Learning Center is open during normal business hours. Students must make an appointment with their coordinator for their first visit to the Digital Learning Center.

To complement our foundational programs, YCLC hosts presentations that facilitate health, workplace and financial literacies. Presentations may include Credit Reports and Scores, A Balanced Budget, and Nutrition.  Workplace presentations are offered by members of the community who have expertise in areas of employment such as: manufacturing, robotics, health care, construction and service industries. These extra presentations help advance the knowledge and skills necessary to gain employment, access health and wellness information, and achieve self-sufficiency.

ESL Class Schedule (York)

(classes are in person and online through Zoom)

AM Pre-Lit 9-11:30 am Tuesday/Thursday (in person)

PM Pre-Lit 6:30-9 pm Tuesday /Thursday (in person)

AM Beginning 9-11:30 am Tuesday/Thursday (in person)

PM Beginning 6:30-9 pm Tuesday/Thursday (in person)

AM Low Intermediate 9-11:30 am Monday/Wednesday (in person)

PM Low Intermediate 6:30-9 pm Tuesday/Thursday (in person)

AM Intermediate 9-11:30 am Monday (Zoom) Wednesday (in person)

PM Intermediate 6:30-9 pm Wednesday (in person) Monday (Zoom)

AM Advanced 9-11 am Monday/Thursday (in person)

PM Advanced 6:30 pm – 9 pm Monday/Wednesday (in person/Zoom)

Post Advanced – Tuesdays/Thursdays 7 pm to 8:30 pm (Zoom only)



Classes currently in session.  Schedule is ongoing, please call for schedule.

Lessons will include: American Government– American History-Citizenship– Test Preparation—N-400 Interview– English Language Lessons for Reading– Writing—Consultation on the Naturalization  & Application Processes.

    To be eligible to apply for US Citizenship you must:

  • be a legal permanent resident with at least 5 years of residency (or 3 years if married to a US citizen)
  • be a person of good moral character
  • be 18 years or older
  • not have traveled outside the United States for over 6 months in one calendar year
  • know the basics of English, including basic reading and writing

Legal assistance will be provided by the Pennsylvania Immigration Resource Center (PIRC), and may include:

  • Eligibility screening
  • Legal analysis
  • Application and fee waiver assistance, if eligible
  • Submission of N-400 to USCIS
  • Possible representation at naturalization interview
  • Assistance applying for citizenship for minor children
  • Referrals for other legal services

*Please note that while legal services are free, you may be responsible for some  application-related fees.
* Enrollment limited to applicants who qualify on a pre-test

You MUST call to register at 717-845-8719.


For additional information call 717-845-8719 or email Suzanne Martin or Janelle Hertzler.




Former ESL student and intern,
Susana graduates from HACC
with degree in social services.