Our Committment

Serve All with Respect, Equality and Dignity, Foster Hope, Confidence and Self-Respect. These are the beliefs of the York County Literacy Council and the values the Board and Staff uphold. Fifty-five countries were represented in our programs last year; our students represented a variety of nationalities, colors, gender, sexual-orientations, and faiths. We learn together.

Since our founding in 1976, there has never been a place at the York County Literacy Council, nor will there ever be, for bigotry, hatred or intolerance!

The Board and Staff of York County Literacy Council stand with the York Community members and exercise our Constitutional Right to peaceful demonstration raising our collective voice in demanding equality for all. Black lives matter!

We, the members of the York County Literacy Council, vow to continue to treat everyone equitably, decently and thoughtfully. We promise to continue to advocate for our colleagues, friends, and fellow citizens of color and work harder to build a nation that treats everyone with respect, equality, and dignity. In these times of social unrest we recommit ourselves to our core beliefs and mission to support not just those we directly serve, but all of our neighbors!