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Why Literacy Champion Club members are so vital to YCLC:

As a small to medium-sized charity donation revenue often times fluctuates dramatically from month to month, and year to year.  Monthly giving, however, offers a steady and predictable source of funding, and also allows us other advantages as it is less expensive, streamlines our administration and helps us to have more effective planning.

Why You’ll Love Monthly Giving Too:

In addition to supporting the charity you care about, there are several benefits for donors like you. As a Literacy Champions Club Member, you will receive an exclusive quarterly newsletter only for Literacy Champions Club Members. You will also receive additional opportunities unique to each level of support.

Joining is simple and allows you to get strategic with your giving.  It also is easier for you to budget your charitable support and to track. Best of all, monthly giving allows you to make a bigger charitable impact.

Learn more below about each of our support levels.

Your gift of $50 per month helps to open a new chapter in someone’s life.  This donation sponsors an adult student for one year of learning!

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Your gift of $20 per month will help open a new chapter in somebody’s life – this donation sponsors an adult Student for four months of learning.

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Your gift of $10 per month helps to provide program materials books, and resources for students to learn and Digital Literacy support for our classrooms. (Classes are hybrid, providing both live-in-classroom instruction and digital instruction at the same time.)

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Your gift of $5 per month helps YCLC to have an annual classroom newspaper subscription to help students learn about current events AND you also help to pay for one student’s GED subtest exam fee.

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