BUCK A BOOK® Reading Program Celebrates 25 Years

YCLC understands that inspiring children to love reading will improve their opportunities for a better education and eventually a satisfying career. BAB becomes a family event for many of the students as brothers and sisters can participate and parents are proud to see their children become excited about reading.  Prizes have varied but usually the prizes are tickets to a family activity such as York City Ice Arena, York Revolution, AvalancheXpress, Roundtop, Mountain Adventure and Hersheypark.  These are just a few of the favorites.

More recently, YCLC provides assemblies for the schools, and over the years YCLC has also sent adult student ambassadors to speak to the school children about the importance of reading.

Al Bumbry, the 1973 American League Rookie of the Year, who never was much of a reader, was the guest storyteller for the 2007 Kick-Off held at York Galleria Mall.   Bumbry picked a baseball story to read, Mighty Jackie, a fictional story about a girl striking out Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig.  “Reading is like baseball; you have to prepare,” Bumbry said.

That’s the key – you have to prepare and YCLC completely agrees with you Al! Promoting literacy in schools is one of the most fun things YCLC does and it is always a good feeling when YCLC helps adults to capture the learning opportunities they missed. Helping adults with literacy skills means they will improve their employment opportunities, raise their standard of living and break the cycle of illiteracy.