From Students

“For me the YCLC has a special place in my heart because I used its services for a few months when I came to the U.S. The agency provides very useful and sometimes life saving training. They don’t discriminate against any one; they just lend a helpful hand to people in need and hope for better future for everyone. Helping people become literate helps the community to grow stronger.”
– Magdalena, YCLC English as a Second Language Student


“There is much power in reading. It’s a healing process. If you can help somebody to learn how to read, it’s just like medicine.”
– Jimmie, YCLC Adult Reading Student


“With all of the help the York County Literacy Council gave me, I was able to feel more confident about getting my GED. Once I took the tests, and later checked my scores, I cried from being so happy to be able to pass and build a future with the company I wanted to continue working for. Now, I am starting my new chapter in life as a company employee where I have been temping at for more than 2 years. I am receiving higher pay and full benefits.”
– Rebecca, YCLC Adult Reading Student


“My senior year rolled around and I had to remove myself from school for health reasons. I was without a high school diploma when a friend of mine told me about the YCLC.  I was unsure at first but was reassured by their great staff that a GED was possible. I took practice tests and classes and lo and behold the hard work paid off. By the end of August, I got to hold in my hand my GED certificate. I was ecstatic when I found out the great news. With that said, I plan on furthering my education to become an RN.  With help of those who care and hard work, anything can be accomplished.”
– Ashely, YCLC Adult Reading Student


“After finishing my 11th grade year, I dropped out. This simple and thoughtless choice I made has cost me so much in life. Now, eleven years later, four kids, and four unsuccessful attempts to get my GED, I came in contact with YCLC who set me up with some amazing teachers and wonderful childcare providers through Community Progress Council. While attending classes I was able to bring my children and not have to worry about finding a babysitter.  What a huge relief that was! So now I can stand here and tell you, how at the age of 30, having a part-time job and taking care of my 4 children, I have succeeded in obtaining my GED.

With my GED I plan to get my CNA and further my education to find a career. The most important thing in this process was being able to have my children be there with me and see that you are never too old to learn and can accomplish anything.  Education is important!”
– Tina, YCLC Adult Reading Student


– Doreen, YCLC GED Graduate


From Tutors

“After 14 tutoring students coming and mostly going, it seemed like I would never have a tutoring student stick with it and succeed. But, the day finally did come when one of my students earned her HSE. It was both sad and exhilarating; I was going to miss her, but I was so happy for her success.”
– Annette, Adult Reading Tutor


“Meeting with your student once a week is a good experience because typically students are motivated to learn, and it is extremely rewarding seeing your student learn how to read better as time goes by. It is exciting seeing someone understand something for the first time because he/she can read better, and you begin to see hope in their eyes for a better job and future one day.”
– Rosemary,  Tutor