From Students

“Attending YCLC was the best thing I could have ever done.  The teachers and staff really care.  I never had that.  There was a few times I wanted to quit but the teachers wouldn’t let me (thank God).  When I get my diploma I want to get certified in American Sign Language.  Both of my parents were deaf and I want to help the deaf community.  I can’t thank the teachers and staff at YCLC enough.”





Even though I finished my high school studies in Peru, I had to validate them here and that is how I arrive at YCLC. I started classes and before long I attended a career workshop hosted by YCLC and I took the Pre-CNA Course until COVID-19 hit.  YCLC switched the classes to Zoom which was a new way of learning for me.  Then YCLC informed me that the York City Health Bureau was looking to hire bilingual individuals to work as COVID-19 Contact Tracers.  It was a learning experience for me but I was able to help people going through uncertain times.  Now I graduated from the Phlebotomy class at HACC and I will be entering York County School of Technology for nursing.  Since I first stepped into the Literacy Council’s front door, I have been presented with many opportunities. They are here to help me achieve my personal success. You will forever be remembered as a very  important part of my future success!



               Wow, Goal Achieved Twenty Years Later

I dropped out of high school at age 17 with the idea that I would get my secondary diploma that summer. After two failed attempts and twenty years, I was referred to the York County Literacy Council.  The staff was amazingly helpful from the beginning to the final test.  They were quick to offer help whether it be classes or tutoring or that little extra push that I needed. Thanks to the whole staff at the York County Literacy Council for without their help I would still be working on this goal!







– Doreen, YCLC GED Graduate


From Tutors

“After 14 tutoring students coming and mostly going, it seemed like I would never have a tutoring student stick with it and succeed. But, the day finally did come when one of my students earned her HSE. It was both sad and exhilarating; I was going to miss her, but I was so happy for her success.”
– Annette, Adult Reading Tutor


“Meeting with your student once a week is a good experience because typically students are motivated to learn, and it is extremely rewarding seeing your student learn how to read better as time goes by. It is exciting seeing someone understand something for the first time because he/she can read better, and you begin to see hope in their eyes for a better job and future one day.”
– Rosemary,  Tutor