Employment Opportunities




Title:                English as a Second Language (ESL) Workplace Instructor

Reports to:      Adult Program Manager

Status:             Part-time (hours vary per contract), Non-Exempt

Responsibilities:  Teach an ESL class for adults at a work site.  Curriculum is developed through a collaboration of the contractor’s management team, ESL Coordinator, and Adult Program Manager.


  1. Teach ESL workplace topics to adult learners.
  2. Develop lesson plans/curriculum as needed (must be submitted before instruction at the workplace begins).
  3. Assess and evaluate the adult students.
  4. Keep all class records for students, prepare reports, and other administrative tasks as needed.
  5. Maintain copies of students’ work.
  6. Act as a liaison with the teaching site, if necessary.
  7. Assist in recruitment, training, and supervision of volunteer classroom aides, as necessary.
  8. Carry out other duties as assigned.


  1. College degree or equivalent experience required.
  2. Multi-cultural experience required.
  3. Teaching experience required.
  4. Bi-lingual (Spanish) is helpful.
  5. Carry out other duties as assigned.

Physical Demands and Work Environment:

Work environment is in a classroom setting.  Must have valid driver’s license and own transportation.  May sit, stand, and walk for varying periods of time.  Must be able to walk, climb stairs and carry items weighing up to 30#.  Manual dexterity necessary using hands and arms.

Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions of the job.

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Part Time Positions with instruction both in classroom and remote learning.

ESL Instructor – Teach ESL to adult learners using approved curriculum.  Assess and evaluate students and communicate closely with ESL Department.  Develop lesson plans and maintain attendance and class records.  Must be available to teach both day and evening classes.


Send résumé to Kim Swindle