40 Years

YCLC Celebrates Unlocking Potential for 40 Years

York County Literacy Council’s 40th Reunion was held at St. Matthew Lutheran Church in November of 2016. The evening highlighted York County Literacy Council’s role in our community and the many successes our students have accomplished.

Click here to read ‘Literacy Council: 40 Years of Helping Students.’ Courtesy of YDR.

– Doreen, YCLC GED Graduate

1976 – 2016
From Grassroots simple beginnings to serving approximately 800 students annually, YCLC celebrates the joy of empowering adults who thought they were not capable of succeeding and for teaching English as a Second Language to new members of our community. It was just few church ladies and community volunteers who saw the need for adult literacy instruction. They went to a workshop to learn how to teach literacy skills. They began helping students one-to-one and they included teaching English as a Second Language. The groundwork for YCLC began and the number of students grew quickly. Approximately 10,000 students have been served.

Student’s receive their GED/HISET

With 40,000 functionally illiterate adults in York County; YCLC remains committed to the mission of empowerment through education. Some time ago Bill Goodling, a former Republican congressman representing York County said, “If you leave a parent behind, you leave their children behind”.  YCLC will continue to be a premier provider of second chances for parents to gain the skills they need to improve their lives and the lives of their children. It is our goal to continue to provide leadership in the efforts to end illiteracy.

We are grateful for the many partners who have supported YCLC over the years. They include sponsors for the educational classes, volunteers who supported the agency with their time and talents, tutors who committed many hours of instruction for their students, York County school students who provided sponsorships through the Buck A Book® Reading Program, people who cared enough to refer someone to our classes, and for a compassionate community. We are especially grateful for our students who have the courage to face their fears, are willing to work hard and who are learning to dream.