2019 Bea Blatner Volunteer of the Year Award

In recognition of her years of service to the York County Literacy Council, the 2019 Bea Blatner Volunteer of the Year Award goes to Annette Roderick!

Annette Roderick joined York County Literacy Council in 2012. Over the course of 7 years, Annette has volunteered a total of 2,415 hours (and counting)! She has tutored 21 students, 4 of which received their High School Equivalency Diploma, and served as a classroom aide for YCLC’s Math classes. Additionally, Annette has volunteered for our Buck A Book® and Bingo events.

“I’m a tutor and classroom aide at the Literacy Council because I love teaching and helping people find success and joy in their accomplishments. Also, it is important to me that I give back to my community.”

Congratulations, Annette! And thank you for helping make so many students’ futures bright!

The Blatner Volunteer of the Year Award was established in 2002 in memory of long-time YCLC volunteer, Bea Blatner, who supported YCLC’s mission by serving as a tutor, committee member, library volunteer, donor, and Board member. For almost twenty years, Bea gave her time, enthusiasm and expertise, continuing to tutor when she was in her nineties. Her example shows what can be accomplished by a committed individual dedicated to helping others.