12th Annual Literacy Empowerment Campaign

Help us reach our goal of $95,000!

York County Literacy Council is a floodlight illumination hundred of paths to success. The YCLC equips adult learners with the training and tools they need to earn a high school equivalency diploma, enter career-training programs, improve employment skills, gain citizenship and much more. These accomplishments enrich our community. To continue paving this path to success for our local community, help us reach our goal of $95,000 in our 2019 Literacy Empowerment Campaign!


Honoring the Botterbusch Family:

“We are proud to be a part of the outstanding work of the Literacy Council and we are delighted to serve as Honorary Co-Chairs of the 2019 Literacy Empowerment Campaign. Our lofty goal is to raise $95,000. We know that the campaign will be successful. It is inspired by the many adults on the pathway to success, brightly lit by the reading, writing, mathematics and speaking instruction provided by YCLC.”
– Jan and Fred Botterbusch


2019 Match Challenge:  

A wonderful opportunity for you to double your gift to the Literacy Council!

YCLC has a “match-challenge technology grant” opportunity. If you would like your donation to be used for technology, and double the value of your gift, please indicate with your donation. Please consider increasing your gift.



$10-$249 provides program materials, books, test assessments, and resources to help student learn.

$250-$580 enables an individual to enroll in the Pre-Nurse Aide Training Course and/or training tutors who complete a 15 hour course before they begin working with a student.

$581 educates one adult per year in the Adult Reading and English as a Second Language Programs. Annual 1,000 individuals enroll in YCLC’s programs.

$1,000 supports technology and digital learning in the classroom, YCLC’s digital center, or web based lessons.



Thank you for your continued support!