Literacy Empowerment Campaign

Help us reach our $80,000 goal!

This year marks YCLC’s 10th annual Literacy Empowerment Campaign (LEC). The campaign isn’t just about raising money. We are a strong and vibrant organization because of ALL the people who have made us that way for 40 years.


  • Create learning opportunities that transform lives by providing a second chance for hard working adults who want to better their lives for themselves, their families and the community.
  • Allow us to continue providing free and confidential literacy and language classes, tutoring, digital learning, and workshops that primarily benefit low-and moderate-income persons in York County, PA which helps close the achievement gap for the next generation. Teaching adults basic literacy skills, reading, writing, problem-solving abilities, English and the ability to use technology is a vital community resource.
  • Help remove the barriers that are preventing individuals from achieving greater economic stability, breaking the cycle of illiteracy and providing the community with a better workforce.

2017 Match Challenge:  

A wonderful opportunity for you to double your gift to the Literacy Council

Several generous donors have committed $12,000  to match new donations and increased donation amounts from individuals and businesses.

An example is that a new donor’s gift of $250 will be matched with an additional $250, making a total of $500 available to teach adult basic literacy skills.  If your gift last year was $25 and you increase your gift to $40 this year, the $15 increase will be matched with an additional $15; making your gift now a $55 donation. Please consider increasing your gift.  Donations must be received by June 15, 2017.





$100 | Gives Tools – program materials, books, and resources for students’ learning

$250 | Keeping Current – this allows YCLC to have an annual classroom newspaper subscription to expose Students to current events to learn.

$600 | Sponsors one adult student instruction for one year.

$1,200 | Pays for High School Equivalency practice tests and exam fees for ten students.

$2,500 | Digital Literacy – supports technology in the classroom and YCLC’s Digital Learning Center.

$5,000 | Training for 50 individuals to learn how to share their knowledge as a tutor.

$10,000 | Creates Opportunity for 900 students to be assessed to determine their learning level.

$15,000 | Continuing Next Step students receive post-secondary and career planning counseling sessions.

$20,000 | Sponsorship for an Adult Reading or ESL program class for a year.

$40,000 | Strengthens York Community – $1 aids each person in York County who is functionally illiterate.


Thank you for your continued support!