11th Annual Literacy Empowerment Campaign

Tom and Cindy Donley, 2018 Literacy Empowerment Honorary Chairs.

We Reached Our Goal!

We would like to express our most sincere appreciation to  Cindy and Tom Donley, Honorary Chairs of the 2018 Literacy Empowerment Campaign and to the generous donors including a matching gift sponsor for helping YCLC to exceed the $85,000 Goal.


Honoring the Donley Family:

We are pleased to announce Tom & Cindy Donley as the 2018 Literacy Empowerment Honorary Chairs. For years, Tom Donley watched his parents, Edward and Inez live a life focused on giving back and believing in education for all. He saw them reshape their community.

The York couple’s personal contributions along with Donley Foundation grants have helped support the York County Literacy Council for years. “By supporting the Literacy Council, we’ve seen people find quality jobs, continue their education, and become better parents,” Cindy says. “Our lives have been blessed by seeing all that the York County Literacy Council has accomplished.”

“Becoming literate is a necessity. And for people to be able to renew and realize that dream is a huge win-win for people and our community.”
– Tom Donley

2018 Match Challenge:  

A wonderful opportunity for you to double your gift to the Literacy Council

Several generous donors have committed $20,000 to match new donations and increased donation amounts from individuals and businesses.

An example is that a new donor’s gift of $250 will be matched with an additional $250, making a total of $500 available to teach adult basic literacy skills. If your gift last year was $25 and you increase your gift to $40 this year, the $15 increase will be matched with an additional $15; making your gift now a $55 donation. Please consider increasing your gift. Donations must be received by April 1st.



$100 | Books: purchases four student workbooks.

$250 | Assessment Tools: standardized testing for 25 students to determine literacy ability and areas needing instruction.

$600 | Basics: one adult student instruction for one year.

$1,200 | Diploma: ten (10) GED® or HiSET® exams for our low income students.

$2,500 | Volunteers: Tutor Training for 25 individuals to learn how to share their knowledge as a tutor.

$5,000 | Self-sufficiency: the case management that moves our students to employment and/or continuing education.

$10,000 | Education: one year of literacy instruction for 16 functionally illiterate York County residents.

$40,000 | Strengthens York Community for the 40,000 adults who are functionally illiterate.


Thank you for your continued support!