Employment Opportunities

Next Step Coordinator

Reports to:      Executive Director

Supervises:     Volunteers

Status: Part time, 20-30 hours, Non-Exempt

Responsibilities: Program Purpose: The Next Step Program is designed to assist YCLC clients/students to consider, and guide them onto, a pathway to financial stability.  Our Next Step Program offers resources for job obtainment, continuing education, and other client/student goals.

Service for: Next Step (NS) Program services are available for current and former YCLC clients. The program is offered to current clients who have made significant advancements in their literacy/language attainment and are ready for their “next step”, as well as to former clients who have “graduated” from YCLC, current clients.  Next Step Program services include but are not limited to, job obtainment assistance and referral (résumé and cover letter writing, interview preparation), and continuing education (understanding financial aid, applying to schools, finding scholarships). The NSP Coordinator may also help with other client-named goals when deemed appropriate for attaining financial stability.


  1. To meet with referred clients/students
  2. To connect clients/students to individuals, agencies or institutions that can provide services, training or higher education in order to reach their goals which reach beyond YCLC’s mission.
  3. Provide Career Exploration current classroom students
  4. To assist students who want to enroll in the higher education including; vocational school, certification program, or a postsecondary institution.
  5. To maintain and build connections with the “alumni group” of YCLC students and former students
  6. To be the staff representative to the Blatner Scholarship Award committee
  7. To assist in scheduling post testing for exiting students
  8. To continue with research and development of the referral system, gather forms and applications, and develop contact lists.
  9. To develop and maintain contacts with other educational and human service agencies and the community.
  10. To assist with public awareness, recruitment and fund raising efforts.
  11. To carry out other duties as assigned

Required Qualifications:

  1. College degree or equivalent experience.
  2. Demonstrates supervisory, administrative, community networking, writing, organizational and interpersonal experience. Ability to communicate well.
  3. Ability to work within and support a team environment.
  4. Computer literate; Microsoft Office Suite and Internet search.
  5. Flexible schedule; may include weekend and evening hours.
  6. A valid driver’s license and own transportation..
  7. Willingness to travel within and outside the community..
  8. Successful completion of YCLC’s Tutor Training.


Physical Demands and Work Environment:

Physical requirements necessary to perform the essential functions of this job. Must sit for extended periods of time, occasionally stand and walk. Lift, move and carry up to 25#. Manual dexterity necessary using hands and arms.

Work environment is a normal office environment except when traveling.

Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions of the job.




English as a Second Language (ESL) Instructor

Reports to: ESL Coordinator
Supervises: Volunteers
Status: Part-time, 11 months per year – Non Exempt
Responsibilities: Teaches an ESL class for adults

1. Teach ESL to adult learners
2. Develop lesson plan/curriculum (cc must be submitted monthly)
3. Assess and evaluate the adult students
4. Keep all class records for students and volunteers, prepare reports, order books, and do other administrative tasks as needed.
5. Maintain copies of students work
6. Act as liaison with the teaching site, if necessary
7. Assist in recruitment, training, and supervision of volunteer classroom aides.
8. Carry out other duties as assigned
1. College degree or equivalent experience required
2. Multi-cultural experience required
3. Teaching experience required
4. Experience teaching ESL preferred
Physical Demands and Work Environment:
Work environment is in a classroom setting. May sit, stand and walk for varying periods of time. Must be able to walk, climb stairs and carry items weighing up to 30#.
Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions of the job.

Send Résumé to Erica Runkles

 Additional ESL Opportunities:  There are a number of  ESL Instructor positions open for a term class.  We also have openings for substitute ESL Instructors.

Send Inquiries and Résumé to Erica Runkles