Board of Directors


President: Joseph Hackett
Vice President: Steve Harrison
Treasurer: Edouardo Thibault
Secretary: Dara Lindo
Immediate Past President: Lori Mitrick

Wilda Alessi
Terence J. Barna
Peggy Chown
Frank E. Dittenhaffer, II
Lee Hall
Sara Hunt
Betsy Keefer
Valerio Kibinda
John Lewis
Sully Pinos
Juanita Ritter
Dottie Rohrbaugh

Advisor to the President: Dr. Luther Sowers
LIU Representative of the Board: Lynn Murphy


We have many committees to help our organization’s mission. Each committee has its charge and works diligently to guide YCLC and our programs into the future.  If you have skills, experience or education in any of these areas, we’d welcome your assistance.

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